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Care & Culture

The exceptional care at The Providence exceeds expectations, and embraces all levels, from Assisted Living to Memory Care, with The Bridge program in between. Every interaction, every exchange is infused with warmth, caring, and empathy. At the Providence, we set even greater goals: to create connections, inspire joy, and elevate wellness for each and every resident, across all levels of care.

Of course, empathy and caring must be backed by knowledge and expertise. Our Memory Care associates are known as Nayas, which means “guide” or “person of wisdom” in ancient Sanskrit. Their training, and intuitive understanding of each individual’s needs and desires, and their empathy, sets them apart. They are on a mission: to help Memory Care residents thrive and to foster a profound sense of well-being, not only among residents, but their families as well. 

Our caregivers in Assisted Living, The Bridge, and Memory Care bring peace of mind to adult children who quickly see that they and their loved one have become members of an extended family. At the Providence, we not only teach family members how to support their loved one, we also teach them the importance of practicing their own self-care.

Together, our Nayas, nurses, and associates offer exceptional care. And they do it all with an unwavering commitment to helping our residents thrive.