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Every individual is unique and different, with interests–and care needs–that are very much their own.

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A different kind of MEMORY CARE

The Providence takes a warm and nurturing holistic approach with our groundbreaking Memory Care program. A priority for us is to inspire confidence in residents and their families, secure in the knowledge their loved one is in a vibrant, safe community, receiving expert, custom care. Expertly trained caregivers and nurses are available 24/7, and always provide care with empathy.

Our Memory Care associates, called “Nayas,” which means “guide” or “person of wisdom” in ancient Sanskrit, provide custom care with an innate understanding of what will help Memory Care residents thrive, helping to foster a sense of well-being among residents.

Memory Care residents enjoy a private courtyard, along with inviting dining and amenities areas. The Gourmet Bites dining option allows residents to enjoy the pleasures of fine dining. The Pantry Program gives Memory Care residents a personal pantry that is stocked with favorite foods and snacks–along with photographs and mementos–they can access any time

Memory Care residences

The 30 contemporary Memory Care residences, on the secure second floor, are designed with the comfort and safety of Memory Care residents in mind. Spacious common areas include a living room, an open kitchen with family-style dining, a tastefully landscaped veranda for indoor/outdoor living, and expansive shared spaces. All are designed to create a feeling of belonging and being part of a community, while maintaining privacy and security. Technology to enhance residents’ well-being—sleep, nutrition, exercise—will be integrated into the program.


  • Gourmet Bites Cuisine
    Our signature Gourmet Bites Cuisine provides Memory Care residents the independence to enjoy nutritious and favorite foods by transforming traditional menu items into visually pleasing, easily handled bite-size portions.
  • Personal Pantry
    The Pantry Program provides Memory Care residents with personal space to store favorite snack items such as tea and scones, cookies, canned soups, and crackers, allowing flavors that provide comfort and joy to always be close at hand.
  • EngageVR
    EngageVR offers residents the opportunity to immerse themselves in exciting experiences and adventures, such as experiencing the Apollo 11 moon landing, exploring the Titanic, or embarking on an African safari.
  • Expressive Arts
    We use music, art and movement to tap into all forms of creativity for an alternative form of communication beyond words.
  • Watermark University
    With our award-winning Watermark University program, we feature dozens of classes, with something for everyone, including French Pastry Cooking Class, Dramatic Acting Workshop, Cocktail Creations, Mindful Meditation, and more.
  • Life Histories
    We recognize that everyone brings a unique life experience to our community. By using past occupations, preferred hobbies, and treasured talents, we create opportunities for meaningful connections, along with feelings of true accomplishment, purpose, and joy.

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