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Assisted Living | The Bridge | Memory Care

Choose the elegant residence that best suits your taste–and your needs.

The Providence

Luxury Residences

The Providence residences for Assisted Living, The Bridge, and Memory Care each offer comfortable lifestyle options and experienced caregivers with advanced levels of training and expertise. 


Our Assisted Living residences create a safe, nurturing atmosphere—in a refined luxury setting—for individuals and couples who need caring support. Our offerings include access to our amenities and activities, which provide enriching experiences to keep both the mind and body active. From world-class dining to arts and entertainment on-site—along with a spa, fitness center, and salon—this is a place for wellness, exploration, and enjoyment. It’s all right here, in a vibrant community where opportunities for connection are abundant and thoughtful care is present at every step.


The Bridge program provides a caring environment that features a blend of Assisted Living and Memory Care. Residents enjoy the independence of an Assisted Living lifestyle, including their own residence and access to all community amenities, activities, dining options, and outings, in addition to expert guided care when needed. Bridge residents also enjoy specialized programming tailored to their lifestyle in an inspirational setting. 


Our Memory Care community, with 30 residences, is designed to create a comfortable, familiar environment, while offering support and care to residents. With various programs and amenities available, residents can enjoy memory-enhancing activities that improve quality of life.